The Standards and Procedures for Electronic Signatures and Records

Our Mission

The Standards and Procedures for Electronic Records and Signatures (“SPeRS”) project is an eCommerce initiative sponsored by the Electronic Financial Services Council (“EFSC”). SPeRS creates voluntary, ...

What is SPeRS?

New eCommerce laws make possible the widespread replacement of paper documents with electronic records. They also enable the broad use of electronic signatures. Many businesses have begun converting their ...


Release of SPeRS 3.0

SPeRS 3.0

Resource Provides Companies with a Common Base for Implementing Electronic Transactions

Washington, D.C. – SPeRS is a technology-neutral set of guidelines and strategies for industry use in designing and implementing systems for electronic transactions under the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and state adoptions of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). SPeRS 3.0 updates the groundbreaking guidance contained in SPeRS 1.0, developed by a broad cross-section of leading financial service companies and trade associations. SPeRS 3.0 updates include:

  • Integration of recent judicial decisions into Commentaries
  • Updated statutory and regulatory citations
  • Revisions to key checklists reflecting current best practices, consumer familiarity, and lessons learned
  1. Consent
  2. Delivery
  3. Records Management
  • Updated signature methodology evaluation for touchscreens and biometrics
  • Updated compendium of cumulative judicial decisions in Appendix D

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